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Audio Dramas

High-concept, immersive audio dramas based on successful self-published stories. Subscribe to our Substack to be part of the community

A Deathly Dark Hour

A trilogy of creepy horror stories by best selling author F.K. Marlowe including:

  1. Calyptra Morteferum – A nightmarish, skin-crawling tale of scientific curiosity gone wrong.

  2. Mists of Moor Hall - The moors hide a grisly secret in their eerie, rolling mists.

  3. The Warehouse - Everybody knows to avoid the last two aisles...except the new guy.

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A multi-part thriller about a female journalist, an expat wife and a KTV hostess who form an unlikely alliance to fight the forces of power, greed and misogyny that hide in the penthouses and skyscrapers of Singapore

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